Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Man of few words: all of them funny.

I tired in vein a while back to find a scan of 'The Iceberg Desdomona' whose passengers were tragically killed when in hit the Titantic, it was once of Graham Linehan's Filmgoers' Companian pieces in the much-mourned (by me and Badbrute anyway) movie mag Neon. Through Linehan's Wiki wiki woo woo entry I found his fine livejournal blog: Why That's Delightful! AHompendium of Dorithies. There's no crazy triades or monologues just lots and lot of very funny thing's he has found with grat links and movies that, you know actually work.

Forwith my personal favorite links from this site:

1. The Colbert Incident in full. From Thank you Stephen Colbert
2. Stupid Comics
3. The Live Action Simpsons Intro
4. Great E! spoof from Peter and James Serafinowicz
5. These Celebrity Pixies Covers have just given me the horn! (have a horrible thought that something like that's going to be on headstone)

And a bit of new comedy writing for from the man Linehan:

"Two business types beside me in a cafe in Islington, power breakfasting over some sort of local enterprise scheme.

BUSINESS GUY 1: We actually came up with a great slogan...it's really good...captures the whole thing.

BUSINESS GUY 2: What is it?

BUSINESS GUY 1: Eh... "The time is....now is the time....the..." I can't remember. It's on an e-mail.

Great slogan!"

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Caddy Powers Jr said...

Ahh Stephen Colbert. He actually did an interview a bit before the Bush smackdown which is so bizarre that it far outranks the press core bit.

On his webpage look up the interview with Caithlin Flanagan. She is an author of a book that pretty much says that women are ripped off by feminism and wifes were better off when they understood that part of the marriage contract is that they have to put out whenever the husband wants it.

I particularly like the point where she aggrees with Colbert that we were better off in a time when husbands could have their wifes lobotomised if they didn't put out. She is being serious (or she is a great actress).

A really great interview.

Currently it is on this page http://www.comedycentral.com/shows/the_colbert_report/videos/most_recent/index.jhtml?start=33
but will mvoe as more clips are put on.