Saturday, October 28, 2006


This post has to be dediacted to my wee sis KT because she always like The O.C. , where I was slightly disdainful because of all the whiny rich white people and the lack of robots (all current TV shows fail by this criteria).

Anyway caught a few episodes and was impressed, it's still white and nerdy but well made and addictive

had to send here my revised theme tune:

De Dedle De De DEEECalifornia blah blah blah

There's some ladies in a bra

and they walk past the camera

every twooo minutes

and there's a party in a big house

and some Water polo goons

and they punch the comic book guy

and then the other guy punches them.....theeeem

and the Sandy guy will sort it all out.

I was trying to explain one of the episodes I've seen to HH the other day and I must have sounded like a four year old "yeah there was the comic book guy and the woman wholooks like a cat who was in a porn movie whose marriedto Jim* from Neighbours and the guy who adopts all thewayward kids and his wife fancied the guy with thebeard and he was listening to the pixies and the kidswent to some pool party and fought and stuff...the end"

*I haven't done a scientific poll, but Alan Dale must be the luckiest Australian actor alive The OC and Lost? what's next? Alf from Home and Away as a hot ginger stud boinking Bree on Desperate Housewives?

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