Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blocks and Bosoms: A vintage tale of Lego, Judge Dredd and Madonna's Sex Book.

As you may remember I got my feckin nice camera digitale stolen by person or persons unknown on the luas a while back and have an unhealthly urge for self-deprecation, I don't know why, maybe some lady might think it's cute and she might touch my rinky-dink before it falls off, i dunno. So when I was home recently I picked some fine old pics of me back in the day, including the below of me (passably) as Judge Dredd.

It was for a superhero night (yes kids they even had them back in 1994, but they were actually for people who liked superheroes back then not jocks with the money to spare to buy a bat-outfit down the local joke/sex shop and harrass ladies down the nite-club).

Anyway, i made this mostly out of cardboard, the only non cardboard elements are a bathroom chain and a flower pot for a helmet. I went down to crazy prices in Coleraine and tried on various sizes of flower pot until I found one that fitted correctly. I constructed this the same time as a crazy 2 foot fetish collage including images from Madonna's Sex book (check out how much this piece of flattened turd goes for now!). I had to get a special note from my supervisor as to why I needed to get the Madonna Sex book out of a special cage in the library. I photocopied photos of shaven headed black lesbians threatening Madge with knives, while GAA goons photocopied business studies pass paper exams, and got 74! who's laughing now? (Answer: they are they probably have wives/homes/cars by now) Note to self Jimmny, take heart they are still boring goms. I only mention it because the Judge Dredd costume and this fetishism project were both in the house the night I almost burnt it down, but that's a whole other story....

Oh and look below for a Lego space ship I made and got mam to take a picture of it as I was part of the 'Lego Club' and thought this monstrosity would get in the magazine and win a prize or something, I don't know what the prize was, probably getting to meet 'Mr. Lego' and getting to sit on his 'knobbly knee' or something. It didn't get it, but I like the fact that my Lego space ship has ordinary house lego windows. Yon Bobby Bryne did a great bit in Shiznit 1 about Lego losing
it's imagination, this is why it hit home. You used to use lego for anything it didn't have to be 'space lego' for it to be used in a spaceship in those days you know...

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