Friday, October 20, 2006

Oh! What will I wear?...

So the time of year is coming around, with Hallowe'en and all where on is expected to dress up for parties and stuff. My problem is, people expect me to have like a superhero costume already in my wardrobe. I have one of those them there inflatable Spider-Man's in my wardrobe, have often been tempted to climb inside it, not a fancy dress thing, just you know, for a laugh, it would probably be my last. Check above for some of the auld guff I found on ebay.

Thing about a Spider-Man costumes is the lack of drinking, smoking and oral fumbling holes, at least Batman and Superman suits are better in that respect. I'm planning on a kids' costume for comical effect, once saw Badbrute trying to fit a toddler's Spider-Man mask over his head and that was fun. Have to get a kid's Superman costume, that's what people wanna see the Chief at the door with his wee belly hanging out of a Superman top with a little cape the size of teatowel and the leggings riding up, god help us, it will happen! where's me Dredd costume when I need it.

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