Friday, October 13, 2006

Octcon madness with John Higgins, Harry Harrison and Anne McCaffrey

A few years back I went to Octocon the premiere Irish sci-fi fan convention. Below is two of my favourites. First up, me gurning like a loon with John Higgins. The name may not mean much to you but trust me, John Higgins is one of those unspoken heroes of British comics, a big Judge Dredd artist, a colorist on Watchmen, and A Killing Joke, and check it out I'm standing grinning like a fanboy right beside him. It's like 'touched by the hand of Brendan' (check that youse 2000ad geeks, if there be any out here).

Under that there's a pic of Harry Harrison and Anne McCaffrey. If you don't know who they are check out the wiki wiki style links. They both retired to Ireland for the quiet life and Guinness yet the mainstream of Irish society still beats the fuck out of us sci-fi geeks coz we don't like the GAA ....go figure!

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