Friday, October 06, 2006

More Bono bobbins...

Check it out, down below, yon Bob Bryne of Clamnuts Comics has entered my crazy excuse for a competition, some flarn's on the Bob! Clips below have finally surfaced relating to earlier posts, Youtube's taking it's time getting the clips up on blogger, heck it's a small price to pay for whatever magic digital glue they use to get clips on blogs. (Get these motherfucking clips on my motherfuckign blog etc.). Just back from Monaghan where I was observing the fun of Irish politics, waiting airports and seeing our own Telfon Taoiseach, god bless 'em: he bucked years of Irish politcal tradition by merely receiving money from members of the general public not taking it!

According to the CNN biography of Bertie: "Ahern is the son of a man who fought with the IRA in the war of independence." That's like everybody in Ireland.

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