Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pen Marker Hitler Taches...scrrech

You may be wondering why I am torturing you with none one but two terrible movie trailers above: Eurotrip and Smokin' Aces. Although I did get to watch some decent films over the Christmas, (myself and KT watched V for Vendetta, a highlight), I often ended up watching things like Rendez View with Greg Proops or marvelling at how more explicit yet still horrifically unsexy the babestation type channels are, the more they gyrate the more the sets are in danger and you can see them bumping into the next cubicle in some sort of terrible soft porn version of Office Space. I normally end up watching the fundamentalist Christian channels at four in the morning for a laugh.

I have discovered 5 am is the death knell of fun drunking TV watching, once puppets or education enteres the picture you can forget about any enjoyment. I know far too much about Lazytown already for a man of my vintage. The problem is at 5am, all you can do is stare at the screen and think, but why? is it called lazy town when all these scary puppets and bulging gay muscle men are hyperactive as fuck, and what's wrong with all their fuckign faces etc. etc.

Myself and wee sister KT ended up watching Eurotrip at like 4 in the morning over Christmas and I honestly thought it was hilarious. You just knew going into it the stereotypes were going to be terrible. It is a great movie to watch with someone who hasn't seen it and and say with each change of country, 'right England, what do you reckons gonna be there?': Vinnie Jones and Football Hooligans; check, Amsterdaam: S&M and Drugs, check. etc. Thank god they didn't get to Ireland or they'd probably get bumattacked by Leprecahaun IRA men drinking poitin.

Of course the most outrageous is the wee German kid who for no reason decides to screech on a wee Hitler tache with marker and goosestep about the place.

Who'd a thunk it but 3 years later Smokin' Aces uses exactly the same joke! Smokin' Aces! I gotta see this film, I have to see a film that steals from Eurotrip. You bet I'm waiting for Epic Movie.

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