Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some urgent news just in....

.....from the essays I’ve just been marking:

“Da Vinci was an inventor and explorer way before his time”

“There is scientific evidence of a biological link between foot, genitals and the brain, maybe pouring some light onto the fixation many people have with feet”

“Dieting started in America when people in the rest of the western world started to frown upon their expanding waistline"

“The high heel is notorious for it’s slick black shining appearance (a look many psychologists link to the look of the skin during orgasm”

“Teenagers of today grow up fast”

“The history of the corset dates as far back as Cretan time BC”

“The human mind is the most powerful tool known to man, and can change everything”

“Around this time the first topless photograph was taken,”

I always fear my comments might come across as pernickety, but I suppose that’s what one is there for while marking, you’ll have to imagine the sort of essays I was reading when I made these comments.

“When analysing films get characters’ names right, it’s Jabba the Hutt, not “Jabber”

“Julia Kristeva never wrote about Alien, Barbara Creed’s book the Monstrous Feminine has readings of Alien drawn from Kristeva’s Powers of Horror.”

The ship in Alien is The Nostromo, the ship’s computer is “Mother”.

When discussing Andrew Barton’s work there is very uncritical descriptions, were there not feminist criticisms with the thinking behind ‘Hypothesis’: ‘I have expended eleven litres of sperm on my fellow females, the number being irrelevant’

Men and woman are the same species (Homo sapiens) but different sexes within that species, they are not different species as you claim.

Use a dictionary to check word usage and spelling, e.g it’s ‘worn’ not ‘warn’, ‘until’ not ‘an till’, ‘proper’ not ‘pooper’.

You may not believe it but I really want to give marks away, any good attempt gets good marks from me, but if I read another vague Wikipedia inspired stream of consciousness spiel that reads like a drunken pub conversation transcribed I’ll go crazy! Still at least they’re done, now back to writing!. Where I'll have to learn to take my own nitpicking advice.


Lady Ottoline said...

Hello from the University of Texas at Arlington. I ran across your blog in a google search for "kristeva, monstrous feminine," and I had to stay and read because "Jimmny Homunculus" cracked me up. I teach freshman English and am currently working on my thesis (writing about Mary Toft the Rabbit Woman... woo hoo). Anyway, thanks for the break. Now back to the grind.

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