Saturday, January 27, 2007

Frank Black-a-pollza!!

As anyone who has been forced to read these pages must agree, I am something of a Frank Black fan. So the Frank Black dislikers are advised to skip the copious youtubage below.

The great Adam Buxton has created a dedicated music channel, Jimmy Bignutz, on his YouTube Channel, which is mostly Frank Black. Previous mention of Jimmy Bignutz is to be found on the hilarious Adam and Joe podcasts in one of the 'real or rubbs' quizzes.

Enjoy Vinyl Justice meets Frank Black with his love of One Foot in the Grave and thankful ignorance of 'Beadle's About'. This was for me a momentus meeting, the cultural ramifications of which I have discussed previously.

Lovely Frank Black stuff from previous bits:

Baaadaad in Doggone

Chris Ware-style Frank Black Poster

Fast man Raider Man

Crazy Frank Black linkage

A Happy Boy

Honey Comb

Must lie down and calm myself until Christmass

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