Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Comics Britannia: BBC Four

90 percent of me thinks this is amazingly cool and 10 percent of me thinks, fuck Lorcan, you're a fucking idiot why aren't you a go-getting academic that's on these sort of programs and be an expert and stuff. Anyway, BBC 4 are doing a Comics: Britannia strand about British comics

check this out, it's described as:

the centrepiece of BBC Four's comics season - is a new three-part series celebrating the classic comic strips of the past 70 years.

here's the run down:

1 : Concentrating on the work of comic book geniuses such as Leo Baxendale, programme one looks at the comics of the 1950s and early 1960s to explain how the anarchic humour of colourful, cheap publications like The Beano enchanted a generation. Watch a clip: "This is Switzerland" -->

2:This programme focuses on adventure comics - from Eagle characters Dan Dare, Captain Hurricane and Roy of the Rovers; to School Friend, Girl and Bunty. Includes interviews with celebrity fans such as Jacqueline Wilson. Watch a clip: "Two demented magpies" -->

3: In the 1970s and 1980s comic books became more graphic, adult and darker. This programme features interviews with writers, such as Alan Moore, who spearheaded this new wave of comics. Watch a clip: "I live and sleep eggs" -->

Argggh, and then there's this, I've been doing a paper on loneliness and Ditko for years, but suppose he has been going on about comics for years, and on national tv, and having sex with a girl...

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