Monday, August 13, 2007

Frank Black's Bluefinger

Hooray for the 'king of shouting'

Liner notes to Bluefinger from Frank

Do I like Frank Black, well yeah maybe just a little, or more close to the truth, the guy's never off my ipod. If you meet me in the street and I'm shouting along with my ipod, chances are it's a Frank Black luric, or I've just lost it. Kinda like the people who think They Might Be Giants only released Bird House in your Soul, the people who think Black has done nothing since the Pixies do my nut. He has been hugely prolific in the last few years. The glut of outtakes/compliation like stuff albums blinded me to the fact that he is about to release a kick ass rock album Bluefinger. I had all the tracks on this bar 'threshold aprehension' (with the class line: 'Talk to man just get a little work/talk to the hand just get a little jerk' ), I figured it was a one off single, but there is a whole album of this rock out shit! excellent.

List of previous Jimmny Frank Black love ins here

ah, the Jimmny, seldom happier than when he is clutching a new Frank Black release....


trollop23 said...

I am green with envy over your shirt!
Glad you had a good time back home, and happy wishes for your sister and her hubby!
I've been listening to Laibach's new album Volk. It is really amazing, check it out if you have the chance.
Look up the video for Anglia (or anything else they've done) on YouTube - it's crazy! They've got a serious bone to pick with the monarchy...

Lorcy said...

it's one of my favorites from the lorcy superhero collection, but it's getting very small on me these days and my wee belly sometimes protudes out the bottom, which adds to the charm so i refuse to stop wearing it!