Sunday, October 07, 2007

The 6.55 to Lowestoft

It's hardly the 8.15 to Manchester, but two days a week (Thursdays and Fridays) I find myself on the 6.55 to Lowestoft to teach 'contextual studies' at an art college. See above that's exactly how I look too after about 2 hours sleep and a 40 minute walk to the train station to catch said train and look forward to a 30 minute walk to the college to teach for 6 hours. While beginning I had a strange thought, well I've finally got to art college, but not in a way I ever envisoned. Before media studies I had an interview with both the art colelges in Belfast and Dublin. Being an obsessive comic geek back then (quelle surprise) my portfolio was a collection of demented madness so I understand why I wasn't excepted. Artefacts from this leather bound beast included much John Hinkleton inspirsed sci-fi perversity, a screen print series based on the Spider-Man 2099 logo, a reimagining of the creature from Split Second (1992) and I dunno some still lives thrown in there in a vague attempt to convince them I wasn't a comics and sci-fi obsessed lunatic. Ironically one interviewer in Belfast had a Roy Lichtenstein print tie while poking in disdain through my 2000ad-inspired doodles.

It's a lot of work but fun and is inspiring me to do more drawings. In the mean time, looking forward to going to the International Comic Show on Saturday/Sunday 13-14th October and can't wait for the dweebfest, meeting up with the notorious b-boy and Declan Shalvey

Oh, and I'm doing stand up again on October 22, site here, and report of my last go here. Last time I didn't anyone I was doing it, this time I have told a load of people, making it similarly nerve-wrecking to the first time. It's all new stuff and I'm having a good laugh writing down my various rants for public consumption rather than letting them festering as normal. My friends normally have to hear them anyway so it'll probably be best for all of them to get the vile business all over in one go. Have been being inspired by Stewart Lee good bits here on the Incredible Hulk, Joe Pasquale and Princess Diana and an ET or was it an Alf. Oh and he interviewed Alan Moore and Ted Chippington.

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Joe said...

Busted. I'm going to come and watch you this time!