Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jimmny finally meets a certain Bobbity Byrne...

One of personal highlights of the Birmingham International Comics Show was meeting Bob Byrne of Clamnut Comics fame. As we both knackered/hungover on the Saturday morning we spent a pleasant few hours sitting out in the drizzle and talking whilst making occasional attempts to beat the geek queues. It was a genuine pleasure to meet him after a year and half or so of email rants and blog madness. I surprised at how dark and demented Mbleh is check out pdf samples here or shell out a tenner to buy issues 1-3 from his site.

Iz it becauz I am a Mug?...
In the youth hostel we stayed in I decided this would be a fun mug drink my morning coffee in but it had a really annoying voicechip in it that was running out of batteries which sounded like the most unfunny drunkard in the world doing an Ali G impression while simultaneously having a stroke.

A display of Bob's MBlehs at the Olive Press table. One of the other highlights was minding the desk for a bit while the lad's attended Matt Hollingsworth's colorist masterclass.

Me talking to Mike Conroy, the new editor of Comics International and author of 500 Great Comic Book Action Heroes. Don't think I was making much sense at this time. Interview with him here from the Forbidden Planet blog. Pic from Bob.

A pic from Bob's camera of the last ones standing about 4am or so.

I'm looking at the man in the revolving door, I'm asking him to chhhange his ways.

Give it up for the Clammaster

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