Monday, October 01, 2007

Primer (2004) by Shane Carruth , amazing sci-fi for $7,000 that's probably less than a spidey suit


trollop23 said...

How goes the writing? Are you crazy beyond redemption yet!?!

Caddy Powers Jr said...

Interesting flick. I made the mistake of half watching it and reading a few blogs / articles every so often through out it.

Not a good move in a film where you definately need to pay attention. I would probably need to watch it again to give an opinion on its quality as I did actually have ot find a guide online about the flick to understand it.

Some of the actors at the start were a bit lame but highly impressive for so little money.

Lorcy said...

yeah, id did the same and must watch it again on a bigger window almost tempted to get it on dvd purely for the commentary

have you seen this?

must get it on amazon

looks good