Saturday, October 20, 2007

Comic Geeks Unleashed!! Untold Birmingham Tales!!

Comic Conventions... this is the sort of shit you want, right!...

When telling folks I was going to a comic convention they all asked ...'hehe are going to dress up?' But the most visible people in costume all seemed to be paid actors for promotional purposes with prebought costumes, if you want to dress up as a superhero...make the costume yourself. Like these ladies above they were promotional models for a City of Heroes stall, with a sign that said things like 'Talk to the Girl: 5 Pounds, Stand Next to the Girl 10 Pounds'.

So here is my photoessay of events of the Birmingham International Comics Show. Warning this may bore you to tears if you weren't there, but it was a lot of fun. Have added links to the relavent talented folks under the pictures so check out their amazing work.

12 October, Opening night event. This was hilarious as a whole plush bar had been reserved for us geeks and people kept trying to get in and then peered in an went, no actually you're alright...

Artist Declan Shalvey and a young lady.

Shalvatron keeps it real...

Esad Ribic and Dec.

Day Two, Saturday October 13, 2007, and a certain Clamtastic young man arrives...

A certain Bobilicious Byrne arrives

Bob basking in the glow of his MBlehs

Jimmny and Bob, with young Fran Johnson in the back there.

Dec and Wil want you...

Will, Stephen Mooney, Lisa Jackson Stephen Thompson

D-Shalv practices his choking techniques

It's getting late...we somehow got into the residents' lounge of the Britainnica Hotel.

Whilst Dec explained some stuff to fans

Meanwhile I was more transfixed by this painting, wondering what this gentleman uses his cane for after he's walked his lady friend home.

Where all Irish people abroad end up, the chipper, for chicken burgers....

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