Thursday, November 08, 2007

Days of Future Blogging.

On a post it on my computer I have a load of topics I want to blog on but currently don't have the time. This week's and next will be with either kitchen work, bar work or teaching everyday. Today was theoretically free so it was mostly sleep so here I am at like 2.45 preparing class until 6am when I walk to the train.  When I'm preparing the classes I'm thinking this is great! (like last week on Dadaism and Surrealism)  the kids will love it, and then I present them and may heart descends at their apathy, they really don't care. I can understand, they are art and design students and this is a compulsory theory course, but they can more or less write about any aspect of art and design, but they want just the most straightforward way to get the essays out of the way with out inspiration or enjoyment. 

It's a very flexibile course so the scope would be there to do philosophy, animation, movies, advertising, book design, comics, etc. etc. but their definition of 'art' is of a strict level of conversvatisim that belies their age. So it's more like straightforward art history, I did force a class to watch and episode of Bang, Bang, It's Reeves and Mortimer and got them to discuss whether they thought it was 'surreal', and how this label has been appropriated in a popular culture rather than a purely art history sense. They seem suspicious, as if the philosophical concepts I'm describing, say Primal Scene or postmodernism, I'm just making up and they are my own quirky beliefs.
Anyway, Future topics:  
Crispin Glover
"John Titor"
Doing Stand Up 
Batman's Boots
Tina Kruger
Stewart Lee

the list will no doubt grow until some crazy ranting blow out blogging day.

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