Tuesday, November 20, 2007

International movie cultural appropriation festival.

Turkish Star Trek

Turkish Star Wars

Iain and myself in Cardiff...

This post is probably inspired by Italian Spider-man, see above, but my friend Iain is doing a PhD on these sorts of films. (obviously not Italian Spider-Man, a modern joke on these sorts of films)

What I remember from his papers was that the likes of Turkey have a different concept of the word "copyright" so in this movie Turkish Star Wars (more info here) they just back project scenes from Star Wars and Battlestar Gallactica with blokes in helmets swaying in front of them. Interestingly,the script in this Turkish Star Wars is better than the original.

Another one is Turkish Star Trek, (more info here) where, as Iain explained the Turkish version of Norman Wisdom appears as 'the tourist' a bumbling lunatic that magically appears in these cultural contexts.

So because Monday is my only day off, and Tuesday (for three days a month) is my only morning off, I decided to spend a day watching shite movies, because, like, as a film studies student I don't do that enough.

so here's the full roster of bizarre shit on the Jimmnyhomuncutbe my livejournal site to the crazy shite that's right here....

Shrunken Heads (1994) (more info here)

Puppet Master (1989) (more info here)

and just to show that shite movies are time immorial, here's

Hollow Man II (2006) (more info here)

and to finish two of the most disturbing movies ever made...

Freaks (1932) (more info here)

I had to stay late and sneak a peak on Channel 4 to see this back in the day, and now, it's on the Interweb..for free! ...god bless the future....


Threads (1984) (more info here)

basically the only true postapocalyptic movie ever made, no, we won't be driving around in spiky cars and meeting Tina Turner...we'll be like this and all the smokes will have run out and even if you swap some smokes for some whiskey you'll puke because you've got radioactive poisoning...and it's gonna be hell....watch it...only if... if you have someone to hug and have a coffee and smoke with after, don't watch it on your own like I did you'll end up blubbing into a beer.

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