Saturday, November 10, 2007

In your face President Gas!! Jimmny Wins

Tom Moran works on some comedy gold (or is it a cigarette) , courtesy of Sauv Blanc

Work in Progress..

A happy Winner...
Yesterday was probably the most surreal day of my life, because it lasted for like 24 hours and crazy things happened. On Wednesday I has a rare day off and spent most of it sleeping as per usual on days offs. It wasn't a day off per se as I had to prepare class, for Thursday. I ended up getting upa t 2am Thursday morning, 4 hours of prep, six hours of class in Lowestoft, got home had time for a crap two cigarettes and a few pages of Walking Dead, equally as addictive.
Then it was off to The Golden Star for the Yer Having a Laf comepetition sponsored by Outline nine comedians and I won!! Couldn't believe it. I was up against some Laugh Out Loud contemporaries and it was seriously close. I was on after a local Norwich character called 'President Gas' who did poems about Big Brother and X-Factor. Before the performance I was in the bogs and he was having a piss next to me going on about how he came second last time and second is the first loser and how he was definitely gonna win I just kept quiet. What's great about stand up is that you know immediately if it's going well, which it was with me, I have a good ten minutes now for open mic spots that I can do at the drop of a hat without hesitation. Know it's time to write more! Good help yous all...

And then there was the post-apocalyptic Lowestoft storm warnings so I got to stay in bed and not teach and celebrate by watching crazy google videos in bed! see above.


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Gledwood said...

Perhaps President Gas should zoom across the old "Pond" in Air Force One and swap places with Obama. By the sound of it, they would be ideal candidates for a job-swap ...