Saturday, November 10, 2007

Google Video Madness

After the whole East Anglia falling into the sea debacable, I couldn't go to work so I spent some quality time with laptop and watched some crazy Google Video (use the advanced search duration function at 20+ minutes to find comedy gold, forthwith:
first up some Mr. Show

Some Dave Chappelle

hey here's an idea why not listen to Henry Winkler (eeeh!) being interviewed for 2 and a half hours, part of an oral history series on American Television Archive series, there's also a Bea Arthur one (seriously) one and Richard Matheson, I think these are really interesting, but you might disagree...p.s. he doesn't hit a jukebox and go eeeeh at any point in the interview their blog's here. Oh and and George Takei and Ossie Davies. It's a geek overload basically.

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