Sunday, November 18, 2007

Salt Box Comedy Tales....

Jonh Brittan and John Kearns and the land lady of the Horse and Drey who decided to go into the pic for some unknown reason

James Kettle

Christian Ancliff and Owen Bryant (a foremost deviant) enjoy comedy..and me.

For about fours weeks in a row, I'll be doing comedy after teaching for six hours in Lowestoft (which normally involves getting up at 2/3 am and preparing class, so I don't know how that helps or hinders my comedy skills. Last Thursday it was the Salt Box Comedy Club, organised by Dan McKee and featuring Carrie Ann Guthrie and James Kettle.

There was an EDP write up here.
It was my first experience of doing comedy where I stood in a corridor before hand and walked straight in, not knowing what the room would be like. As I could see everyone, and knew only about 2 people in the audience it was a weird experience, there was a few older people in the audience so I curtailed my porn stuff a bit, cut down on some Belladonna based descriptions and went more for the cheeky drunken Irish stuff, but it went well, next one this week November 22 at the Queen Charlotte .

It was good to meet Carrie Ann and James and hear from people that had been doing it for a while, some pics below

Organiser Dan McKee

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