Saturday, January 12, 2008

Late Night Irish Smaltz

clovers aren't shamrocks, how many fucking times....and don't get me started on 'green white and gold'
It may surprise regular Jimmny reader/s*, but I ocasionally get a bit dewy eyed about not being in Ireland, not in a Frank McCourt-ack-me- life's-been-shite- and-I-had-to-eat- coal-and got-sent-to-America-in-a-box way but in a genuine love of proper Irish culture like Flann O'Brien, Patrick Kavanagh, and Podge and Rodge. (and other auld heroes of comedy)
To hear some of the old and not so old Irish songs, I make the mistake of going to youtube where you can hear many a fecking idiot butcher them either visually or orally
Check this not bad version of Raglan Road, (in song) but check out the woeful video. Want more, again an ok version but bad auld pronuncian of Pacric Kaaavanaagh
But these guys take the biscuit for a stab at Hills of Donegal, keep going lads, bang that wee drum thing you have and someone will get up and dance as it seems to be 4am at a wedding.
While I'm at it, this is what happens when you type in 'Irish Stand Up' into youtube. Jesus.
must balance this though there's
Whipping Boy's When Were Young.
A House Endless Art
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