Thursday, January 17, 2008

You're not one of them...

How can you refuse a comic with the tagline:

The Good News: Superheroes are real.

The Bad News: You're Not One of the Them.

official site here

read the first issue along with a load of other image titles here.

After the great Invincible, you need seriously moxie to do a similar 'my parents are superheroes but I'm not yet...or am I?' book but this is a more complex book with Alan-Moore-esque retro-style sections ala his run on Supreme
Nice article on related complicated messes
Much as I love the whole superhero meta-post-moderno-world-where-superheroes-are-real schtik it never really progresses much further than Watchmen. You have you Batman type, your Wonder Woman type your Superman type etc. and becomes a nerd parlor game for those who haven't parlors to guess the in-jokes. When somthing like Invincible or Grounded comes along it's fun and great for the first few books, but their popularity mean that they surprisingly quickly get weighed down with their own continiuity, gawd I sound whingey, I do enjoy these books but how many Squadron Supreme knock-offs must we suffer as background characters in these books.

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Clamnuts said...

Have to check that out. Fanks fo rthe heads up. You reag LoEG Black Dossier? It's WANK!!!!