Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Poor auld Seinfeld, poor auld Pat (in the brains department)

Not poor in the monetary sense obviously, but his enthusiasm for Bee Movie meant that he had to endure, in the parlance of Irish media, "insuferable arseholes" first there was Larry King

Then there was Pat "the plank" Kenny, a certain dumb riffer pointed me to the existence of this clip and then the man Linehan put it up on his blog, altogether now...Seeefeeeld or whatever, what, like giving Seinfeld a Superman action figure is a big great gift? he's proabbly already got about ten of those dolls...did they really scour Dublin for such and item or did they just go into the nearest toyshop and get one. When have we had elephants?, I presume Kenny is thinking of Dumbo, "not having known bees intimately" wtf!!

biggest stand up and sitcom star in the world and Kenny has no clue who or what (or dare I say it*) he is!?...

*"and she did, and she's here, and she' gorgeous"...see how Gaybo (the main proper Late Late Show host did it!) bit of background, Pat Kenny once referred to Dana International as "he, she, or it"

part 2

and for the laugh (excuse the politically incorrect imagery):

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