Thursday, January 24, 2008

Of Mystery and Mooks!

Look at the state of yew! as we would say in Ireland in my head I just stay 'state!' whenever I see such a mook...

"approvalhems" Paul Rudd's great turn as 'Alias' seduction master

In an ill-advised move I caught most of The Rules of Seduction on Channel 4 last night. Chillingly misogynistic in their 'philosophy' these 'pick up artists' or pua's make up for it in some of the most hilarious outfits this side of Tokyo subculture squares. The first mook Darren was an awful Russell Brand alike who had spent all his money on pick up seminars. Their main goals seemed to be how many girls they can harass and how quickly they can get contact details. It's sad to see likeable geeks immediately looking like cocks with the simple addition of sunglasses and a cowboy hat. But that's not enough, the Americans are obviously way ahead in this sort of frat boy idiocy check out (through your fingers): The Mystery Method oh an VH1 have a reality show based on these mooks Screen Wipe where are you to take this cocks down!

but the costumes are hilarious:

From Hustle and Cash Flows great post on this idiot. Oh wow your fake eyes are hyptotizing...

Yo what's with the googles homes, are you a bad Mad Max villain, are they for looking into girl's souls?

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