Friday, March 07, 2008

Youtube Hecklefest II

A while back, before I had been doing stand up long I just used to type in 'heckle' onto YouTube just to see when, how and where other comics got heckled, like a sort of an inoculation for being heckled just to see where people went wrong and did a post on it here. I still do it now before every gig when I feel like I'm going to puke, like a sorta ritual. When I looked up wikipedia for the same term I got this quote for getting rid of hecklers...supposedly, from Dane Cook

Comedian Dane Cook was heckled on his album "Retaliation", in the middle of a joke about Burger King, where the heckler yelled, "Make it happen, man! Make it happen!" Dane replied, "Shut up! You're ruining the show for everyone around you. Don't do that." The heckler kept going, and Dane replied, "Shut the fuck up, or I'll have you kicked out of here!"

What wacky comedy fun's some more

I haven't been heckled so far, but I feel, looking at these clips, heckling normally happens when someone is extremely arrogant and they cannot conceive that someone might think they were shite, it's like in their bizarre brain parallel dimension, no could ever conceive of them not being funny, while everyone in the world is going 'please! for the love of god stop now!' I have some examples:

Ian Paisley Heckles the Pope.....I know it's not stand up comedy per se, but it is comedy, he told them he was going heckle! and he had loads of posters in his pocket...and then he claimed they attacked him, ah poor auld popey, and you've left us with the that nazi guy from toy story....

You Insufferable Arsehole...I couldn't resist (thank you very much ) the best heckle ever, but you have to understand ...who Pat Kenny is, learn from here and here and here and here....and here...

Craig McLachlan's stand up, phew....this is tough to watch, first up he's trying to stand up to a football tv show crowd before ever doing it before with jokes that are all based on his previous neighbours success, but god, this is funny for all the wrong reasons....

Biceps: we have to include this mook, he cannot believe his homophobic views might get challenged by an audience member and his arms are meant to be some sort of hilarious comeback...and lest we forget very close to Richard Pryor's getting beaten up by the folks bits....'look at my biceps you think i can't meet a girl...' yeah you could meet a girl but she may want to kill doesn't really have the same meaning you think it does.

Lest see the heckler beater's shall we

You can't beat Mitch Hedberg

or Arg Barker

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