Saturday, June 16, 2007

Youtube Hecklefest

I was lucky on my first stand-up attempt to have no hecklers, but it is a constant worry, I suspect I would just go down and sit on a hecklers lap and start asking them about their childhood or something. Being the nerd that I am however, I typed 'hecklers' in youtube search engine and found a cavaclade fo human misery, sometimes the comics, sometimes the audience. This Pauley Shore versus Cowboy clip shows physical heckler contact is probably best to avoided-as one comment succienctly asks: WHO PAID to see Pauly SHORE?? Cowboys don't seem to dig stand-up for some reason. Although video game nerds seem more dangerous, in this punch up over a joke about finishing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game. I never though 'you've been using fucking game genie!' would be a prelude to violence.

Check out this poor unfunny bastard who tries to slag Shaq and Jamie Foxx at a roast for Emmet Smith and goes down in flames, man don't even try to take on Mo'Nique. Who in their right mind would heckle the lovely Noel Fielding, but of course someone tries and fails. (especially the amazing heckle 'how to you put your trousers on?!'). Love this Bill Clinton clip. remember when U.S. presidents could react logically and intelligently to criticism. With this clip both sides are bad as each other, it's funny though.

Didn't realise they still have those brick wall sets where it looks like they are gonna be shot, but this guy from Indiana, Jeff Oskay, does great work against these hecklers. Steve Touhy is great against this guy, fucking priceless. Some advice from comics at the Melbourne comedy festival, which is quite nice.

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