Friday, August 29, 2008

Celeb spotting in Edinburgh...Dustin Hoffman!!!

We were performing in the Standing Order on George Street which was very near the Assembly Rooms so there was quite a few stars about but here are some my favorite Heat-magazine style celeb spotting encounters, these were the people I just saw and not met probably, more on them later. I have also included a funny youtube link for almost all of the celebs I saw...(no prizes for the notable exception)

*Dustin Hoffman!! I shit you not. Dustin and his kids were wandering about and walked into our venue..a Whetherspoons! and walked into the comedy venue bit, it was during Bob Slayer's show.

*Ben Elton. I saw him wandering around the Pleasnace Courtyard, I resisted the urge to tell him I really liked his standup when I was like 12 and drew a cartoon depiction of his appearance on The Late Late Show. Around this time I also drew a cartoon of a funny priest who came to out town to do a Novena (which was a compliment to him because going to the Novena meant I missed the rest of The Search for The Brass Monkey). I resisted the urge to call to call him a cunt, Ben Elton I mean not the priest.

*Joan Rivers walking from her gig at the Assembly Rooms she looks just as real as she does on TV!

*Ronnie Corbett and his wife on the corner of Cowgate and Holywood!.

*Brendon Burns getting interviewed outside the Assemby Rooms.

*Jim Bowen walking past the Assembly Rooms it looking sad, shoulders hunched in beige jacket.

*Jimmy Carr, on the Royal Mile, Tom seemed more excited than me but it was still quite funny, Tom gave him a flyer with the phrase 'there's a man who looks like he'd enjoy some comedy' Carr said thanks and good look with the show, which was nice he could have called us a bad word, I've seen him do that on the telly....

*Lorcan McGrane!! I know, I could hardly believe it either... in a mirror looking sad!

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