Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well...that 's Edinburgh done...

Me about half way up Arthur's Seat...

And jumping out of a wee cave like a loon (or one of the lads from The Desent according to Daire)

Howdy all, just came back from Edinburgh late last night. The 10am bus didn't leave until closer to 11 finally got into London at 9.15pm and had to run to get the 9.30 bus to Norwich and got in at like 12.30, feck that wasn't fun. (We climbed Arthur's Seat the day before so it was very Knackering) Read most of Final Stage, which include's Harlan Ellison's mental Catman and made the journey through the industrial areas seem a bit like J.G. Ballard's Crash. Have loads of posts to put up with my highlights, flyering experiences, the other show's I did, including Sowerby and Luff's podcast (see vid below the guy who filmed their studio bits also filmed my set so it should be up here soon), Up the Arts Comedy Lock In and the Comedy Manifesto panel show thing and Pear Shaped with Brian Damage and Krystal.

Overall it was a great exerience I did almost 40 gigs which you wouldn't normally have the chance to do and it was a good way to learn and adapt/practice material every day. It was bizarre to be in a Whetherspoons everyday though more posts to follow.

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John said...

40 gigs? There has to be a lame geeky hard-drive-related joke in here somewhere.

Looking forward to reading all about the festival.

But you missed Flatlake. How could you?