Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Edinburgh...

Mmm...I wonder what guff I will say to a room full of strangers tonight?...

Karl over at Dumb Riffs and The Dublin Bike Blog had a good idea: "Just an idea - why don't you write a piece for the Guardian on your experiences in Edinburgh?They have a piece in G2 every day, and most of them are dull as fuck" see below for my effort, not used obviously, but they have Simon Callow and stuff so it's hardly a surprise:

My Edinburgh
Lorcan McGrane
Stand Up Comedian, PBH’s free fringe.

I have been doing comedy for about a year and this is my first time in Edinburgh for the festival. I started a PhD on superhero movies, and my comedy is esoteric and geeky. One of my jokes, about how people who normally dress up as superheroes know very little about them, involves listing everyone who ever played Catwoman, including the voice artists on the animated series—In chronological order. Performing in a Wetherspoons is good experience in making some of my material more accessible.

I love going to Deadhead Comics and bought an old copy of Viz that had an advert for Mr. Methane who happens to be performing in the venue just before us. Moments like that really bring home the unique experience of doing The Free Fringe. Free admission is great for the impoverished performer, too: last week’s ‘Josie Long and Friends’ featured David O’Doherty and Meave Higgins, and Robin Ince’s show ‘Bleeding Heart Liberal’ last night was amazing. Of the comedians I’ve seen so far, the Norwegian Daniel Simonsen is my favourite, his delivery and dedication to the routines even if its only an open spot for a minute is inspirational.

Tom Moran, Jon Brittain and John Kearns and I are staying in a flat just behind Arthur’s Seat, which for me looks like the big mountain Faye Dunaway drops on the street in Supergirl (1984). People think sharing a house with comedians will be hilarious but it has mostly been evenings of analysing comedy and rehearsing our sets with occasional bouts of insanity and wrapping things in tinfoil.
The walk home after a less-than-good gig is always pretty bleak in the Edinburgh rain. I also teach and do bar-work part-time, but when you have a bad day at work you don’t have to walk past a mile of huge posters of all the better and more successful teachers or bar-workers than you with reviews like ‘The way he served that pint and handed over those crisps was nothing short of a joy ****’

A Couple of Couples of Comics/PBH’s Free Fringe
21.00-22.00, every day until August 24th
Standing Order 62-66 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2LR

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Karl said...

'A rare insight into the parallels between stand-up comedy and part-time bar work. I laughed until I cried. 4 stars.'
Are you back in Norwich, then?