Monday, July 17, 2006

The Adam Buxton-a-thon

If you are of a certain age, then Adam and Joe were a touchstone of the funniet thing ever. The best thing is that they continue in the blog-blabosphere, like with Adam and Joe podcast. Adam's been busy with some great you tube videos, not to mention the I, Pavel show which produced this great Pavemon short). I have (hopefully) embedded above. One of the best things is the links between Buxton and Armnado Iannucci, whose Armando Iannancui Shows was one the best Channel 4 comedy shows ever. Criminally not on DVD yet? yet we can buy all of Last of the Summer Wine on DVD down the BBC shop if we were senile and we liked sitcoms about smelling of piss in a bath. There's a new show planned called Time Trumpet, where the likes of Buxton and Matthew Holness and the great Richard Ayoade reminess from 2050 on the events of today in the manner I hope in the manner of Hugh!

Anyway Adam Buxton's got a great Blog. And it's great.

I'm going now byee!

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