Monday, July 31, 2006

Aw jeez, hungover horniness is there any cure?

...because, seriously I need it, in this heat, hot pants and scantily clad ladies abound. I have a terrible habit (along with all the others) of not being able to internalise dodgy thoughts (yeah, I do actually keep some dark thoughts inside my noggin and not blurt them out through the auld blab blogosphere) see my previous tussles with 'fist-biter blues'. I remember once while hungover walking up a hill with a coworker and there was a hot girl in the distance and I made a very audiable 'aaaah jezus' exclamation when I meant not say it out loud.

Anyway, it seems I contract almost debilitating hung-over horniness in this weather (or any weather come to think about it). Last week, I was going up to open up the bar, it's up a flight of steps. I was surviving a hangover after Dr. Pepper's going away party (the gods of Norwich didn't want him to leave and hence the big bad forky lightning extravaganza)--ended up in the Alibi* it doesn't have website but here's one from a probably better one . Anyway there was a pretty girl ascending the steps ahead of me in a very short skirt. In the words of Patrick Stewart in Extras 'it was too late I saw everything' . I think she was Brazilian, but her nationality and down below topiary did not align so to speak. I spent the first few hours of my shift making that face that Dougal makes in the classic Speed 3 episode of Father Ted ' Wait a minute those ladies were in the nip!'

*Although I really enjoyed a return to auld Alibi cause it was a good chance to ctach up with the likes of Joe, Dr. Pepper and Dr. Al, I did miss a chance to go to a superhero party where I missed a chance to see a French girl I know in a Wonder Woman outfit, perhaps this is where my affliction resurfaced. Aw well, I'm sure there'll be other superhero parties. Everyone assumes I have a superhero costume for such things, I dress up as a superhero so I don't need 'em.

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