Monday, July 17, 2006

Frank Black

Anyone who knows me will know of my love of The Pixies/The Breeeders/Frank Black but I will often make the point of saying to Pixies fans that a lot of Frank Black's solo albums have easily equaled the Pixies stuff. Understandably in the geek/indie circles I (whenever I get out of my room) travel in this is heresy. But year in year out, Black has produced great albums always either in summer or september (god when he relased Black Letter Days and The Devil's Workshop on the same day, heady times). Anyway, before today when I bought Fast Man Raider Man I was satiating myself with the Frank podcast which rules, interviews, raities the whole show.

What is it about Frank Black I love? god knows, the Pixies were one of the first bands I really liked in college whe I was 17, in many times of craziness, the schreeching sounds of Frank Black were what kept me sane. I remember buying a cassette of Teenager of the Year in a Monaghan music shop where they placed in the Irish Female Folk section because they mixed him up with Frances Black.

I don't know, he's the perfect combination of all my inetrests: country, sci-fi, geekyness, americana? but there is not a night's writing that doesn'tn go by where putting all of mister black's oeuvre dosne't make it go abit quicker!

sir rockaby


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