Saturday, July 22, 2006

Maybe I notice hot black women a bit too much....

But I had to point out that RTE Entertainment news story on Mel B dating Eddie Murphy actually featured a picture of Melaine Hill of Big Brother 1 'fame' and not Mel B of Spice Girls fame (I never found her 'sacry' but then my definitions of fear are not the same as those of the Smash Hits editorial gang). I thought it was enough of an Irish-interest 'news' story to put it up on The Community at Large observe I inflammatory headline: So RTE thinks all black women look the same?... damn many I'm wrong and Mel B's just had a nose job?

Speaking of Big Brother 1, whatever happened to shaven-headed loon, Nicola Holts? why she 'starred' in a British porn film called Big Bugger (classy). In the parlance of Spinal Tap she's must be in 'Where are they (having sex) now file?

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