Monday, July 31, 2006

Cosmic Comic Comedy Connections!

I can never figure out if people like the same the sort of pop culture because they have a certain sense of humour or if absorbing a certain sort of popular culture creates a sense of humour. Whatever the reason, I don't care the geeky stuff that me and my friends like is all coming to the fore.

This has been facilitated in a 'Six Degrees of Separation' styleee Look at the Adam and Joe connection: Baaadaad meets Frank Black, see below. Adam Buxton does stuff with Armando Inannucci for the much anticipated (by me) Time Trumpet. Joe Cornish is cowriter for Edgar Wright's Ant-Man see Superhero Hype interview here (where they don't seem to quite grasp Cornish's comedy chops). It neatly connects the triad of my life! (comic book movies==>alternative media comedy==>pixies)

don't worry I have nore stuff about hot pants and horniness below all the Frank Black and Baaaadaaad pics, put check out the great video for 'Dog Gone'

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