Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The last digital testament of Jimmny Homunculus

So I got my digital camera stolen during my last trip back to Ireland to visit mam, so these pics below and above, (glad I got JB the and the Brute in one shot, hopefully this will happen more often!) are the last photos I retrived to my 'puter from my camera before some swift-handed scanger on the luas had his/her way with it. Thank god there was no blackmailable pics on it (I didn't even get the chance to do that with it).

My mates Al and Tara got married, see below, and as per usual I took lots of pics of comic shops, shelves and toys rather than people, [insert psychoanalysis here]. I'm sure I'll get another digi camera again, but I really liked this one and it was a present from my dad so I'm pretty pissed off. Damn my brown leather jacket*, it was too rigid to feel the camera getting swiped on a packed luas. I was probably being cluchie instead of street smart and being distracted by the speedy tram and the sky scrapers, ie Dublin buildings that more than three storeys tall ( se above, it looks like the fortress of solitude or something). In conclusion feck sake god, give me a fucking break, if you exist, which you don't, but the only reason i would ever want you to exist was so I could go up and beat the fuck outta ya. (obviously not for the camera just for everything else)

*Ah my poor five punt brown leather jacket, it's a classic, it stands up on its on in clubs and is probably bullet proof and looks like something out of The Streets of San Francisco (the show not the actual geographic area)