Friday, September 05, 2008

Edinburgh: Those reviews in full then....

Yeah that's it, keep smiling, those reviewers know nottin' apart from how to review comedy...
Before going to Edinburgh I didn't realise the how important the reviews are to everyone, magazines like Fest, Three Weeks and The Fix only exist for the time of the festival, but for those three weeks they become like bibles and everyone goes mental for them. Our show got review in Three Weeks:

A Couple of Couples of Comics
Brittain, Kearns, McGrane and Moran/PBH's Free Fringe

Free comedy is a mixed bag, and free student comedy is an even bigger risk - but in this case it's one worth taking. East Anglian comics Tom Moran, Jonathan Brittain, Johnny Kearns and Lorcan McGrane filled an enjoyable if variable hour at the Standing Order. Brittain gave the standout performance with witty jokes and fast-paced wonderings about what not to say when your friend tells you she's becoming a man. Moran also put on a good show as compere, but lost it when he started reading his jokes out from a piece of paper. The rest were a likeable bunch who brought a few laughs, but whose acts need a bit more polish.

The Standing Order, 2 - 23 Aug, 9.00pm (10.00pm), free, fpp 41
tw rating: 3/5
published: Aug-2008

and my performance on Sex tips for Pandas (see below) got reviewed too:

Sowerby & Luff - Sex Tips For Pandas
Georgina and Brian are a pleasant and friendly duo whose independent comedic styles compliment each other well. While Brian is confident and strong, Georgina is slightly timid and shy as well as flirty, giggly and full of wonder. I do feel a bit sorry for sluggish pandas though. They introduced two enjoyable stand up acts, of young, new talent. The first act offered quite straight faced comedy and had a good sense of comic timing while the second, Chris Martin, was impressively original, and had great stage presence and charisma. Chris and his friends are also planning a huge charity event for Comic Relief, 'Cricket on Mount Everest'. A fun hour and all for the price of diddly squat.
The Dragonfly, 3 - 23 Aug, 6.40pm (7.40pm), free non-ticketed, fpp 97
tw rating: 3/5
published: Aug-2008
We also had some good personal comments or as DanMcKee calls them 'unofficial reviews' via the Chortle and Edfringe sites:

From a guy called Mark Hunter on Chortle:
An incredibly funny show with something for everyone. The compere Tom Moran held everything together effortlessly with his witty one liners and strong stage presence. Next came Jon Brittain, who performs with such intense energy you can't fail to be impressed. Johnny Kearns was perhaps the funniest person I have ever had the pleasure to witness perform. He takes a risk leaving long pauses before punch lines, but these pay off - usually rewarded with rounds of applause. Lorcan McGrane, the weakest of the four, rounded off the evening. Despite an average delivery and too great an emphasis on sex, there were some enjoyable observational bits to his set. You won't find a better free show anywhere else in Edinburgh this year.
Mark Hunter, August 2008

From a guy who calls himself "dissappointed, Wales" on EdFringe:

A couple of hours wasted 23 Aug 2008 reviewer: Disappointed, Wales
It started badly - the compare said that one of the 4 had not been able to show, having become very acquainted with his WC. The replacement sang a song with mildly witty lyrics, said a few jokes without passion or presence and then finished with another song. 1/5 Next was a chap who was poor. jokes unfunny and light heckling/ chatting and ignoring from some of the locals threw him and he resorted to an obscure joke with a penguin (chocolate bar) which bombed and he buzzed off - thank goodness 0/5. Next chap okay - nothing special but reliable and had presence 3/5. Compare was the best of the and best joke was the put down of the hecklers - but it took him the last act to come up with it. 3/5

Phew! so my jobs is now to find the best bits and put them on my review section on your upper right. Some guys were a master at this we saw one guy reviewed as part of a group show mostly composed of open spots and the review ended with, 'these were mostly terrible but if must go and see someone, go and see such and such (1) and such and such (2). The next day this guy, such and such (2) had this postage stamped size 'review' on his flyer that just said amid eclipses "Just Go and See! Such and Such (2)" (names changed to avoid embarrassment)
So I'll have to find such gems amid the above reviews, wish me look and see the results in my 'reviews' section....

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