Friday, September 05, 2008

Edinburgh Favorites: Soweby and Luff's Sex Tips for Pandas..

Georgina, me and Brian at the Dragonfly

Producer Richard Cray and me on the last day

Sowerby and Luff's Sex Tips for Panda's podcast is a long-running great and funny podcast which is you listen to it you'll understand why it's called that. They had a run for the whole fringe at the Dragonfly which was a nice cocktail bar style venue. See above for a nice video version of their podcast with an interview with Peter Buckley Hill who runs the free fringe. There was a professional camera in on the day I did the podcast, with a small audience but one prone to laughing loads which was good, this show also got reviewed (see above) which was good. Video version will be up here as and when. I a

They've also got a book in the works

Brian and Georgina and their producer Richard Cray (also and avid blogger here) were really cool and it was great to have a permeant record of my edinburgh experience. The podcast it available on iTunes, but I have put up some links here:

Me on Sex Tips for Pandas

Jon Brittain on Sex Tips for Pandas Part 1

Jon Brittain on Sex Tips for Pandas Part 2

Dan McKee on Sex Tips for Pandas

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