Friday, September 05, 2008

Notes on Kenickie: The Movie

Kenickie: The Movie
What! you've never cast an imaginary version of Kenickie: The Movie, in your head? For younger readers I'll have to back up, you know the lady on the culture show and sometimes on comedy panel shows? She used to be in a band called Kenickie that basically was the main root-rut cause of teen lust back in the 1990s, viddy:

Whilst watching such 1990s-nostalgio-root-a-rama I imagined casting Kenickie: The Movie:
Lauren Laverne: Lauren Laverne
She has the continuing star power to of course play herself

Toby Jones as Johnny X
Poor wee Johnny X, or more exactly lucky wee Johnny X every night on tour with his wee beady eye scrunched up against his patented Kenickie TM 'lets see the ladies in the band' peep hole in the flimsy tourbus paritions....

Sophie Dahl as Marie Du Santiago

Justine Frischmann as Emmy Kate Montrose

This could be the start of an indie-lust trilogy followed by Elastica: The Movie and EchoBelly: The Movie.

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