Monday, September 15, 2008

It pays to get serious about car insurance...

...Especially when your spokesperson/spokesnovelty animal man thing is a creature with an elephant's head and faux converse sneakers like some mixture of an elephant and Peter Cook/David Tennant/Larry David/those midlife crisis guys in their fifties who in their minds think they combine the wit and popularity of all the latter three just by wearing Converse.

See also the Moonpig, er Moonpig, Tom does a great routine on the worried look on the Moonpig's face as he finds out he is just a floating disembodied pig's head in space.

and of course, the Foxy Bingo blaxploitation bingo pimp, which cleverly combines two things that old ladies don't like: a)pimps b) urban foxes and implies that a pimp with a fox's head encouraging them to gamble and dance in the streets (before he traps them in a world of urban fox based prositition) is something they might actually like.

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