Monday, September 29, 2008

Desktop Image clean out

I like taking pictures of my bookshelves when they are all sorted out and tidy and stuff, before they are all covered in crap, this is one such instance...

Longer posts probably tonight (note: actually thinking about it, I've been watching bbc4 shows on iplayer so probably not), but for now have to clean out the ole desktop to make way for loads of teaching stuff, teaching about 4 different modules this term so it's pretty manic with that and bar work (thanks to that lovely phrase 'month in arrears' can I teach everything a month late then?) and comedy. Couldn't part with some of this pics so I'm putting them up here.

A wee pic I did for Owen Bryant from the Rose, as a tribute to his hedonistic lifestyle, this is 'Fear and Loathing In Norwich'.

My favorite picture of all time ever...I mentioned this pic as some sort of proof I made some one laugh once, but in retrospect someone else could have made my wee sis laugh

Reasons I love this ph0t0: 1) me and caitrin 2) a stack of comics 3) some diet coke 4) lovely view of home.

An article I wrote once that is bit like this one...although

mine was about ten years earlier damn it...

My favorite bono slag, not as good as this obviously. From my attempt to do a competition entries here here and here

One my first stand up pics

An old Hansai comic I own, my only ever purchase from a Christian bookshop recently mentioned in this book.

I am a ball bag

Cartoon I did for a Dublin magazine called SixMag..I thought it was funny. Editor Gary Byrnes once said I was like a new Flann O'Brien, a compliment I will take tot he grave...

My Aplple Mac style cartoons, again I didn't persue this avenue like a fucking idiot. Who would have thought that the Internet would explode with this sort of guff.

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