Friday, November 26, 2004

Get yer ‘Brut-on’.

I recently saw Colin Powell on TV complaining about illegal elections in the Ukraine, I wasn’t sure If he was condemning them or offering advice on how to orchestrate them. Speaking of political matters (don’t worry, I won’t do it often), I would like to propose a term named after John Bruton, one my great nation’s less successful Taoiseachs--this is the Irish name for a Prime Minister, which BBC journalists insist on pronouncing as if they had just been punched in the throat with a glove filled with gravel. A member of Fine Gael (one of the slightly more right wing main parties in Ireland), he was in charge from 1994-97. Throughout this time, I forgot about him actually being Taoiseach completely until I would accidentally catch a glimpse of his gurning visage on TV. His main talent seemed to be seal impressions.

To ‘do a Bruton’ then, in light of our current situation vis-à-vis the barely literate hominid in the White House, would be ‘to empty the mind of any thoughts that a person leading a country actually is’—when you think ‘President of the United States’ just mentally substitute the trustworthy person of your choice be it Martin Sheen, Denis Haysbert, or Susan Sarandon. Personally, I see Christopher Walken…leader. If enough people just don’t believe Bush is the president then perhaps he’ll get the message and just wander off into Middle America somewhere to shoot at varmints from a pick-up truck while hollerin’ at those fancy city folks with their ‘books’.

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Babybuttons said...

Evening Chief. The Bad Brute is lying on my lap like an old sock. Thought I'd send you a comment in advance to meeting you at Xmas. We are both a bit tipsy after necking two bottles of white wine. eight bottles of Beat the Wife and half a bottle of Pure Gold poppers. Watched Peep Show- Class! Both of us doing crap promotions work tomorrow- at least I don't have to dress up as Stevie Wonder's Jap Nightmare. Enjoyed your cartoons-Tax payer money well spent. Not! You should be writing about the ideological fascism of Pingu. Keeps you off the streets. Mike Skinner would be grateful. Bad Brute has just woken up, demanding attention. Off to get Taser. Again... Best wishes on your impending transgenderification, you dirty sod!