Sunday, November 14, 2004

Needler Dreams

While adding a comment to the very funny and perceptive blog of a certain Corneilious over at It’s Shite Being Scottish, I inadvertently created this blog to vent my ramblings on movies, sci-fi, comics and general geekdom. Not only has he introduced me to this blogging lark, but through his fervent evalgelicalizing of a certain black box, I have recently been experiencing the jittery 'Joy of Halo'. Halo is less a game and more a pleasurable disease of the nervous system that Cronenberg himself would be proud of. With the release of Halo 2, observe any Xbox owners in your vicinity and be on the look out for such symptoms as ‘Halo Eyes’ (very bloodshot and twitchy around the lids) and ‘Judder Hands’, (digits constantly moving as if using an invisible Xbox controller). After a post-pub session of Halo on ‘legendary’ last night I found to my distress that my dreams had an ever-present Needler scope superimposed on the proceedings. I should really cut down on my Halo time, as someone doing a PhD on superhero movies, I hardly need more geek strings to my bow.

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Corneilious said...

Having played Halo2 for multiple hours on Xbox live last night, I have woken this morning with all the aforementioned symptoms. Your analysis has upset my equilibrium, though, since I think myself less a character from a Cronenberg movie, and rather more a minor character from a Russ Meyer one.