Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Who he is and how he came to be...

In the comments, 'Anonymous' has rightly asked ‘Who is Jimmny Homunculus?' Who indeed. I’ve dug up some information on Jimmny’s family tree but have also created an artist's rendition of what he could look like. Note the airtight nodule he is placed within. His gibbering guff is sufficient to power the hollow flagellum within the gooey matrix of wee Willy Gates’ Ethergut©, which some refer to as “The Internet”(I hear it might catch on, they allow anyone to publish guff on it.)

There is a bit of a Jimmny Homunculus in all of us, however. It's that tiny figure waving from the shore when the tides of sanity have ebbed away. It’s the voice in your head that says, upon hearing fireworks, "Yikes! Armageddon! I’ll be prying my next meal out of a dead man's hand and will have to fight off flute-playing rats and wisecracking telepathic dogs to get peace to eat it". It’s the voice that says: "Cool!...maybe that’s a UFO", every time you see a plane at night. It’s the voice that asserts: "Maybe this is a really good idea!", before every idiotic thing you’ve ever done. Jimmny is all these things but perhaps most importantly he’s just a funny name to write things under, as ‘The Life and Times of Lorcan T. McGrane’ would be either too mundane (or horrific) for public consumption.

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