Friday, November 19, 2004

Procrastinate Now!

With apologies to Thomas Alva Edison, writing a PhD is sometimes a case of 1% inspiration and 99% procrastination. The latter includes such vital prewriting performances as desk tidying, book stacking, keyboard cleaning, staring and gibbering. Cleaning out the email inbox is another vital procrastination tool. While doing this today, I came across the URL for the great blog of one Karl Whitney, latterly of UEA and now of University College Dublin. Whereas I’m a young whippersnapper at this sort of thing, young Karl’s an old hand, having written for The Guardian and such. He is also a close personal friend of one Tony Danza, who IS the boss whatever his friend Christopher ‘You can blow wit' this’ Walken says. I have also been procrastinating by ringing up my local Royal Mail delivery office. (‘local’ as in about five miles away over uneven ground) to track the whereabouts of my bulk lot of She-Hulk comics, which I won on eBay. Which She Hulk? Savage She-Hulk or Sensational She-Hulk? I hear you ask! Well…some issues of both. Unfortunately, the voice on the answering machine sounded like an old man chained to a cave wall being forced to record his words onto a wax cylinder, fearful that this demonic, new-fangled recording device would steal his very voice! So I fear for my She Hulks and what the lads in the post room are doing to them.

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