Friday, June 30, 2006

Ahh the ever present racism of's ok coz it's dig-i-tal girlfriend!

I don't know, maybe it's becuause I've just come back from a conference and I'm all psyched up media studies wise, but I just can't let some things lie. One of the things that's always driven me mad (since I've noticed it, damned my eyes) is the raw deal African-American women get in supposedly fun family digital aminated films like Madagascar and Over the Hedge. Are great black comedy actresses not being made fun of by making them Hippos and Skunks?

On the steps today I raised this point with fellow contemporary cinema expert 'double H', we have a good balance PhD wise I have to watch Barb Wire and Catwoman and she has to watch R.V. and Cheaper by the Dozen god help us all and quell your 'my god these people are studying guff on our tax money' rants, we both do it for the love of our subject and cause, like, we really like poverty. Anyway, double H is an expert on digital stardom so I had to ask what's up? is there any theory on this trend and she answered the answer I knew in the back of my head was true but wish it wasn't: 'rascism, latent rascism'. So it is, enjoy your hi-tech talking animals this summer, I'm off to enjoy supposedly gay superman (I mean it's not like we know people of krypon even have genitals!).

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