Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Captain Ireland!

At last a humorous way to mention the supposed death of one of Marvel's biggest characters, DC did it a while ago so, you know, it would be rude of the lads of Marvel not too. Caddy Powers has been keeping us up to date on important Colbert related Cap-death coverage, which is all you need to know, really. Hardened comics fans have been there before back in 1993 when gulliable Superman black-armband-wearing fools would stop you in the street and go, 'they killed off Superman you know!' really? and Batman's back stayed broken did it?

Anyway, after my top ten Irish Superheroes post, kindly mentioned on the great bloggarah , (a choice clip from Daredevil of Colin 'Feckin' Farrell being Bullseye) the lads behind Irish Cartoon site Go Maith, Brian Fitzmaurice and S.C. Dirkin's alerted me to their Captain Ireland cartoon (see above for Irish version, sorry I'm such a heathen, could remember the aul cupla focal at this time of night). At least Captain Ireland wouldn't get caught out by a sniper. I'm still imaging the wake, I'll bet She-Hulk was there.


Caddy Powers Jr said...

Like the strip but the nerd in me wonders why Captain Irish has wings on his heads. Maybe little harps instead?

Although perhaps it is best to downplay the Harp logo as I have recently discovered the amount of foriegn types who look at my passport / drivers licence and shout 'wow, you've got a Guinness logo on it'

Don't want to give the impression Captain Ireland is sponsered by the black stuff

Caddy Powers Jr said...

Despite the fact that it would be the stupidest idea ever, I am still suspicious that DC are considering a Barry Allen return.

I feared that they would do it before Bart Allens becoming The Flash but I just feel the positive return of Hal Jordon is making them want Barry back. The romours on Countdown and the Flash comics just make me worried.

Not saying it is going to happen ... just scared ...

If this were to happen, we have lost 1 of the final three memebers of the 'not allowed to come back from the dead' club [Bruce Wayne's Parents and Uncle Ben are the other members].

Although I think recent Spider-Man stories have featured alternative timeline Uncle Ben or some sort of rubbish (altough I had to check Wikipedia to make sure) so maybe not even one of the big two is sacred.