Friday, March 16, 2007

Irish Blogs for Paddy's Day.

I suppose this time of year always brings a bit of nostalgia for the Irishman abroad, even those in Norwich. I often find myself listening to the great Phantom FM expertly spoofed by Eyebrowy recently. Whilst chatting to a certain Dump Riffer I felt the unexplainable urge to listen to RTE just to hear Joe Duffy, (or Joe Motherfucking Duffy as Podge and Rodge would say) say in his inimitable 'style' 'gud aftirnoon tu yu'.

Meant to mention this a while back, but sadness all round for the hiatus of the great The Community at Large. It was good to have a forum to write crazy articles that I wouldn't have burbed out otherwise. Danger and all the lads will be sorely missed, have been consoling myself by looking at Blogorrah for my Irish blog needs, (especially like their five reasons its great to be Irish)but it's just not the same. See above for my favorite TCAL post Captain Planet in Belfast! which inspired my wee bit on Tomb Raider in Ireland.

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danger said...

We'll be back! Keep up the good work yourself... :)