Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jimmny Accesses all Areas on Phantom Fm

The great journalist and blogger Sinéad Gleeson, her of Sigla Blog, best Arts and Culture blog at the 2006 and 2007 Irish Blogs Awards , is standing in for Edel Coffey for her Access All Areas on the fantastic Phantom 105. 2 FM you can listen live on the site and there's also a streaming player on their Irish superheroes I put together for St. Patrick's Day and other fun superhero facts (if I remember them) must remember to speak slowly and not get all excited if I end up talking about She-Hulk or something, it could happen.

I used to listen to Phantom all the time back in the day when I lived in bedsits in Rathmines, looking forward to it!

Previous tales of my media whoring (mis)adventures can be found here and here.


John said...

Good luck Lorcy. We'll all be listening in - I brought my radio into work because they just put in a new firewall that prevents online listening.

You get excited if you want!!

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