Saturday, March 10, 2007

Never Mind the Commoners...they're fucking scum...

general thoughts....

I saw an episode of that Never Mind the Full Stops , god that guy's a fucking prick, the presenter guy, I know he writes scripts and stuff, but why does he make fun of regional dialects that way, there's always one "commoner" ie someone who is decent on the team/s that can get good marks in this round. The round involves an actor pretending to be a farmer or something speaking in a really badly acted version of a regional accent with really badly prepared phrases that Eve Pollard or Freddy Forsyth or some of these cunt cabbages congratulate themselves on getting right and then that fuck and all the rest of them have a chuckle at how funny people from 'regions' speak...ha ha.He has such a self-satisfied laugh as well. I was working in the grad bar the other day and overheard a lecturer with the same laugh (he was going on about some conference he had been invited to) and I nearly puked, seriousy, it made me not want to be a lecturer, I never want to have a self satisfied laugh like that.

Castaway: Exposed, just caught about five minutes of this tonight after work and they had their resident 'anthropologist' on, no phd or qualifications displayed...oh sorry forgot to mention she's hot, so she's gonna be on every week, Geoff Beattie must be raging he didn't just mention he's read an anthopology book once or he could've got on this mad mish-mash tv 'experiment' as well.

Our university bookshop is closing, they are having an 90 %! off sale, on the counter beside the cash register (and the wee calculator on which the poor woman has to figure out what exactly 90 % of all the random books are) is a polling form where UEA students are invited to rate their favorite books of all time!! See what ye did see.... I did a lecture at the art college a few weeks ago and before the lecture, the students demanded that the lecturers put up a transcript/notes of the lecture! I never remember demanding anything of my lectuerers when I was at undergrad level, I was just amazed to a) be at college and b) studying media studies at Coleraine. Paraphrasing the dear departed below, these fecking students haven't attended a lecture unless they have read the notes online.
Jean Baudrillard and the fucking fucking Matrix. aka the idiots ere winning....I do like Baudrillard's writing but was dismayed by how almost every obit had to mention a certain film. For all you mooks, (that I have been sick of listening to for the last eight years), the Matrix is an exericse in getting kung- fu, women in leather, science-fiction and robots, (pillars of the teenage wet dream and wank fantasy), into one film. No more no less. Repeat after me: "Robots are not going to take over the world. The Matrix is a pretty decent action movie, end of fucking story". From the Guardian: "Hacker hero Neo (Keanu Reeves) hides his contraband software in a hollowed-out copy of one of the philosopher's books, and rebel chief Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) quotes Baudrillard's most famous formula: "Welcome to the desert of the real." The book in question is not any published Baudrillard book but what some prop monkey thinks a book called 'Simulacra and Simulacrum' might look like, (in the film) it's a crazy big leather-bound tome, in reality, it's not. Sorry Jean, it's like the best ice hockey player of his generation being remembered by being mentioned in D2: The Mighty Ducks!
Did the Wanky Wachowskis want to lend philsophical heft to their Philip K. Dick/Cronenberg/Grant Morrison/Thirteenth Floor knock off by invoking Baudrillard...yes. Does 'Simulacra and Simulacrum' appear in The

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