Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ah Fuck!

"I am a member of what I believe to be the last recognizable generation of full-time, life-time American novelists. We appear to be standing more or less in a row. It was the Great Depression which made us similarly edgy and watchful. It was World War II which lined us up so nicely, whether we were men or women, whether we were ever in uniform or not. It was an era of romantic anarchy in publishing which gave us money and mentors, willy-nilly, when we were young--while we learned our craft. Words on printed pages were still the principal form of long-distance communcication and stored information in America when we were young.

No more."

Kurt Vonnegut (1981) Palm Sunday

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trollop23 said...

A sad day indeed.
There are now more authors on my top ten list that have passed away than are alive now.
I know he lived a long life, but I'm so sad that I have no more of his books to look forward to. He really was one of the best writers of our time.
Good Bye Kurt!